Get it

For Android, free in the Google Play store:

  • For Android 5 – 9
  • No advertising
  • In-app purchasing to unlock the extra features: (1) option to re-enter the same level also after making your first move, (2) no “Game Over” if you fail, but just re-enter the last level played, (3) up to double time or health in each level. The In-App billing option is presented in the Game Over situation of the free version.


For Windows, free/paid in the shop:

  • For Windows 7 with SP1+ and Direct X11, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10
  • No advertising
  • Extra features unlocked right away in the paid version. Not in the free version.
  • This is an .exe file. It may trigger an ignorable firewall warning during installation.
  • If you don’t like warnings from your computer you can do the following: (1) Download and install the special app, (2) In the upper left of that app, search for “Wormheads” and click on it (so that the app finds [people with a free download key paste the complete key in the app’s address bar] , (3) Click on Download Now and (pay to) install the game with a certificate, without warnings, (4) Play the game within the app.

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