Playing tips

General playing tips:

  • Make gentle, straight, accurate movements, by dividing your intended route into straight parts. By not doing so you will loose more time because the movement fails. The dots are there to help you for that matter.
  • Maybe use your index finger instead of a thumb.
  • The worms stop moving immediately if you lift your finger or left mouse button: they do not move on to make a gradual stop.
  • The game starts easy. But gradually (more gradually than in other Arcade games) the levels become more difficult.
  • Switching between playing modes is possible only at the start of the game (or after pressing Restart while playing).
  • If your worm is in a position where it can never move from, press the Reshuffle button before making your first move (in the paid version you can always Re-level).
  • The slider buttons need dragging, not scale pointing.
  • In Android, if you experience app crashes on your phone or tablet this may be due to memory overload. Free RAM memory by closing unneeded apps before playing. Not by using the Home/Start button but by really closing the apps after pressing the Recent Apps key. Other options: clear your cache, restart your phone, or check it against the specification mentioned on the Details page.

Playing tips in Escape! mode:

  • Escape happens when your white worm’s head is above the exit while your finger or left mouse button is pressing its head.
  • Pull other worms far enough away to make room for the worms that stand in your worm’s way.
  • Don’t forget that you can pull the worms by their heads or by their tails.
  • It can be handy to pull your worm away by the tail so that the head comes free to move in the desired direction.
  • If tour task in a new level seems hopeless or if a worm is blocking the exit and cannot be moved, press the Reshuffle button before making your first move (in the paid version you can always Re-level).
  • If other worms are blocking your worm that may change as soon as you start moving its head or tail, changing its direction.
  • Look and try to quickly make a plan before starting to move.
  • In the paid version, invoke the Extra Time slider before starting a level.

Playing tips in Survive! mode:

  • You can have your white worm bite the others by dragging its head to one of the other worms.
  • Although biting a worm is rewarded with health +5, it is much more rewarding to kill it by biting its tail. A killed worm cannot bite you back and cause a health drop of -10.
  • Only one of the other worms will move at a given time. And it will only move from the head. Its direction is mostly to the middle of your worm’s body. But it will bite you anywhere it can. Knowing the intention of another worm allows you to anticipate its movements and adapt your own direction.
  • When another worm’s body is between its head and your worm, the other worm is not clever enough to attack you by making a detour, although it may make a random movement. So it may be temporarily helpless until there is a new route toward your worm.
  • You may pull the other worms’ heads away from you by dragging their heads or tails. It may even be possible to put them in a position described in the previous bullet.
  • Avoid moving your worm alongside a worm since your body will pass its head.
  • In the paid version, invoke the Extra Health slider before starting a level.