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The wormheads action puzzle in modern retro style.
Approved for the whole family.

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This website is devoted to Wormheads, an action puzzle game that saw daylight on the beautiful 1st of May 2019. In this game, the player identifies with a … worm that either has to find its way to the exit, manipulating other worms within the available time, or tries to stay alive amid all those other worms. The worms have faces of either an internationally known political leader or cute looking fantasy animals. Google Play approved this game for the whole family. The music adapts to the human/animal choice of face and to playmode. There is no advertising in this new family worms game. There is a possibility to have your face in the game! In fact, in future all political faces may be replaced by those of people like you.

You can find a l lot of information on this website, for instance on the Details page. The Android version is free, but there is a possibility of unlocking certain playing features by making a small in-app purchase. The Windows version is a paid version right away. This website contains screenshots, videos, playing tips, and links to the Google Play and webshops.

I hope you and your family will have great fun with this family worms game. Leave a reaction on the message board to show how you are doing. And leave your email address if you like to be informed of developments.

Clemens van Brunschot
Veldhoven, the Netherlands

A walk through the game in Escape! mode (link):

A walk through the game in Survive! mode (link):

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